Sunday, November 27, 2011


I just wanted to do a quick facebook status update, but then I realized I had too much to say, so I came back to my trusty blog. It's about time for a new post anyway. So we had a great Thanksgiving with Greg, his wife Heather, Rex and new baby Alice, along with my mom and dad. Unfortunately, I felt like a bum because I was not feeling well, and teetered between being so tired I wanted to take a three hour nap, and feeling nauseated, so I don't think I was a very good guest. I'm hoping to make up for my Thanksgiving performance with a hosting a very lovely Christmas. We'll see how that goes. So here's the rundown of cute/random stuff going on 'round here:

Me-if you don't already know, yes I am expecting our 4th child. If you want to know...when you are pregnant with your fourth, at least 20 people will ask you if it was an accident. Maybe more. No, it was not an accident. We have our reasons. And any person that thinks that the more children you have, the less attention they get has obviously never been a part of a big family, or their big family was lame. Last night Erick and I were discussing that Cash is literally ALWAYS playing with someone. He gets attention literally all day. If he's not helping Daddy outside, he's helping mom cook in the kitchen, and if he's not helping mom, he's wrestling Cora (which is their favorite thing to do), or throwing a ball with Bryant. There is 24/7 interaction going on around here! So I'm not worried about having enough time for this next little one, I'm more worried about making it through the next 6 months without dying of hating being pregnant, or being buried under a huge pile of laundry.

-Erick-amazing as always. Anecdote time: Erick forgot to tell me we were having the missionaries for dinner and I found out in Sacrament meeting when Bryant looked at the program and saw that it was our night. Erick also planned all of his home teaching for tonight, and said it would be fine. I took the lazy person's way out and threw some potatoes in the oven, made a blue cheese wedge salad (seriously, they are my FAVORITE thing right now), and thanked heavens that I had a random box of jello no-bake cheescake, and quickly made that too. While we're all setting the table, setting out toppings for the potatoes and such, and straightening up the house Erick decides that he would like to make something for his four familes (three inactive). So he proceeds to whip out some pretzel rods, almond bark, and sprinkles and make the loveliest chocolate-dipped pretzel rods, then wraps them very artistically in parchment paper and Christmas ribbon all in about TEN minutes. The missionaries come, eat, and then he's off with his pretzels. I wish I were as good of a visiting teacher as he is a home teacher!

-Bryant- Is SO EXCITED about Christmas! We decorated the inside of the house the day after Thanksgiving, and I surprised Bryant and Cora with their own little pre-decorated Christmas trees (they are only about 8" tall or so) that I bought last year the day after Christmas on clearance. The trees may be small, but they did the trick, Bryant and Cora were soooo excited to have a tree of their very own. We also let them each have a strand of lights for their room, and Bryant also snagged a strand of garland and strung that along with the lights around his bed. He also has his own countdown to Christmas sign where he can write how many days are left till Christmas each day. Erick caught him trying to tack a nail to his door so he could hang a "welcome" sign, but we had to draw the line somewhere. And tomorrow, Bryant is taking his little tree to school to show it off. I asked him if his teacher is okay with stuff, and he said "maybe...probably...sometimes." We'll see. Also, Bryant has been making his own lunch, which has been wonderful. It's nice to not have to worry about that anymore!

-Cora-Has enjoyed cooking in her kitchen for me lately. I will sit on the couch while she makes various things like grape smoothies, omelets, pizzas, and cake, and all I have to do is pretend to eat it, and she's happy. She likes to keep a well-stocked kitchen supplied with cups, bowls, and several utensils she borrows from my kitchen. She talks just about every minute she is awake and often makes herself laugh. Most times, I can't even get a word in edge-wise, all I have time to do is nod my head. I think it's so funny that she likes me to sit, and watch, and she's happy. If I accidentally wander away, because I think she's playing just fine without me, she'll come get me. It's nice to know the small part you play in someone's life is an important one. Right now she is really developing her own style, opinions, and personality, and a lot of times she is pretty independent, and mostly is off in adventureland using her amazing imagination. So I like it when she wants me around.

-Cash-HAH, what can you say about Cash? He is simply the apple of everyone's eye around here. The last few days he has decided that he really likes kissing me. And about every five minutes (literally!) he will stop whatever he is doing, climb up into my lap, and plant a big one, right on the lips. I've tried to give him my cheek, but he will persist until I give him a big kiss on the lips! He is the first one to be so into kissing. It's pretty funny, cute, but sometimes a little gross. His obsession with "doggies" is ever-growing. He saw a dog on TV and just ran up to it barking, and wouldn't stop until the dog was off the screen. He loves all of the neighborhood dogs, and any time he hears a bark he says "DOGGY!" and proceeds to bark. We now call the neighbor's dog Cash's dog, because he goes outside so much to peek through the fence at him (and heaven knows the neighbors never pay any attention at all to the poor thing). My friend gave me some fleece material covered in adorable puppies, and I don't think Cash is going to let me hem the edges because he hasn't put it down since we got it today. He's sleeping with it right now. I'd say the chances of us eventually ending up with a dog are rising...rising! Even though I would never consider getting one until our youngest is in kindergarten, we'll see if the obsession continues!

-So there is my little status update. Hope you enjoyed it.