Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here you go.

I thought I'd share a few pictures because, well, Emma asked me to, and there may be a few random people out there, that might want to know what I look like these days...so here I am at 33 weeks.  Now I am 36.5 weeks.  I probably weigh about 3-5 lbs more now, so I probably look about the same.  Moving on...

Since I'm posting pictures, it was easy to go ahead and down load a few more.  I have absolutely loved decorating my mantle this year.  I don't know what it is, but I have just gotten so much joy from doing a little something fun with each season.  I did this after Valentine's day, and love it so much, I will likely leave it up for a while-through the summer, as I may not feel up to changing it for a while when the baby comes!  I like that it works for spring and summer.  I am however, still planning on buying a patriotic wreath for the front door!  Right now I have a really pretty/glittery sunflower hanging.

I like this picture because it does two things--shows off two of my goofy kids who LOVE to pose in any picture possible.  And it shows their personalities--Cora is striking a pose, and Bryant is just happy to be in a picture, getting attention!  And of course, the original reason I was trying to take a picture was to capture my Easter-egg center piece!  I try to keep the mantle a little more dignified, but in the kitchen I like to do fun, silly decorations.  The kids love it.  I think they rearranged the egg ornaments a hundred times.  On Easter day, I actually had an egg table cloth and Easter egg plates, and a big banner to make it even more fun!  I know I am turning into one of "those" people.  And it's funny, because I used to be so uptight, judgmental and snooty about how people celebrate holidays.  Now that I have these children, I have just realized, I love to make them smile, I love to celebrate with them, and do silly things, and create memories.  That's why I do it.  I think that's what these little kids need.  I am sure there are other kids given to other parents with other needs, but, I always do what I feel is good and right, and this is what feels good and right to me.  And I know it could be exactly the opposite for another family, and that's just fine.  And any time my kids ask me if "such and such" character (like the Easter Bunny) is real.  I always just say "he's real, if you want him to be!" or "he's real to people that believe in him!"  Or, I just say "what do you think?" They seem pretty happy with those answers.  Any who...here's the super-cute picture:

Finally, I had to put one with Cash in here!  Here he is on Easter, hunting down eggs in our family Easter-egg hunt.  I was surprised at how well the little guy did!  He found a lot of eggs.  I also love this because he's just in his undies--this was just a week into being potty trained, and I have him in super loose undies so he can easily maneuver them.  Every body thought they looked a little funny, but I do what I have to do!  And he didn't have any accidents!  He is such a sweetie pie!

There you go!