Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's your Take?

Okay, so now that there is a woman running for VP, and we've had a couple of weeks to digest it all. Does it make a difference to you? Do you like it? Do you like her? Do you care? Do you think it's just vote pandering?

How Do You Handle IT?

Okay, by now if you have at least two kids (not necessarily if you only have one, because they may be a perfect kid, but I am convinced that no one has two amazingly gifted in a row)--you have had to deal with the one-up-manship between moms. "Oh, so and so was walking at six months, and your's is how old and not walking yet?" Or "I had junior potty trained at eighteen months and yours is three!!" or how about " I don't know, I guess he just does what I tell him to and he listens, you just need to be more firm..." and on and on and on. I have to say, sometimes I've been lucky enough to have the kid that is "good enough" but a lot of times I have felt like I'm the parent who is at the wrong end of the comparison. I think we all have been on both sides. How do you handle it when other mom's compare your kids to their kids or when they compare your parenting style to theirs (emphasizing how your way is the WRONG way)?

To be a little more specific, would you talk to the person face to face, ignore it, or handle it differently? And honestly, I have been guilty of comparing too. I try not too--but when you've been the one who's has the crazy kid and you finally start having some good behavior luck come your way, sometimes it's easy to bask a little! (thanks to Cecelia for the idea).