Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One for FUn

What are you doing tonight...you know after the kids (if you have them) are in bed...

Training Day

This is at the end of day two when she was kinda trained.
I thought she might like the potty more if her picture was on it!
Here she is at the beginning of the day, very wary of what is about to happen.
I took this before I woke Cora for her training. I tried to have all of her favorites, but with Cora it's not hard because she LOVES food.


The set up

It's not easy convincing 22 month old to use the potty. It's not easy convincing her mom to teach her either.

But after wrestling over diapers, Cora ripping them off and peeing in her toy box, the floor, and going number two behind the couch it was time to train.

So, I embarked upon the training in a day method. These are some of the scenes from that day. It wasn't fun, it was long, and grueling and involved some help from my visiting teacher. And it didn't take less than a day, it actually took two days, but I really can't complain. Cora's a pro now.

Science Center Fun

As soon as we walked into our local science center, I knew we would be coming back! So I went a head and bought a season's pass. It has a small zoo complete with monkeys, tigers, tortoises, wolves, and more, a petting zoo with pigs, llamas, sheep, and more, an indoor part with a museum, aquarium and a large play area for children under 5. It has a pretend grocery store with shopping carts, a pretend veterinarian clinic, a pretend garden, and a water table among other things. It turns out that Cora is a total animal lover. Her and one of the llama's have a special thing going, and Bryant loves going on the "tiger trail."

Bryant's Birthday

Bryant had his first birthday party with friends in April. We made pizzas, rode power wheels, and played on the new swing-set. Because we had already had cake for his family party, Bryant decided we should make a pink rice krispie cake. It was a lot of fun. And he loved getting presents!

Big change

I am now changing this blog into a boring ole' "this is how great my life is (because I only show the good stuff) blog" for many reasons. Mainly because Erick told me to, and I love him. So get ready to see pictures of us and the little stories that go along with them. But maybe I'll ask some interesting questions in there somewhere too. But I will try to post as often as possible, so family and friends will know what we're up to. But mostly, we're a bunch of nobody's.