Sunday, August 22, 2010

Comfort TV

One more story for tonight. For those of you who have Netflix, you all know what an amazingly wonderful thing it is. My husband HATES TV. He does not watch TV. Now that 24 is off the air, he will likely never watch TV again. Until we started streaming netflix through the TV that is. Now he has all the history shows he could ever watch just beckoning him to stretch out on the couch, which he does now on occasion. Erick has said so many times "I can't believe we wasted so many months without Netflix on our TV." It's true. It is amazing.

The other night Erick was working late and I was flipping through the netflix instant play options. I came upon Season 1 of The X Files. I had to watch an episode. You see, when I was probably around nine years old, my dad and I and I'm sure some of the other kids would watch The X Files on Friday nights. I didn't remember much about the show other than that I would never have admitted to ANYONE at school that I watched such a weird show with my DAD, but I think I remember liking it. So I pressed play and it's amazing what memories can do. As the X Files theme music began to play I could remember my dad whistling along with it as he did every week (over 15 years ago!). He would even do a neat duet where he would do an echo with the music (which also sounds like whistling). I remembered being that young girl spending time with my dad watching The X Files. And it brought me the strangest sense of peace and comfort. Let me say. The show is a lot scarier than I ever remember it being. But it probably wasn't that scary when I was 9 because I was watching it with dad. I can say it's a lot easier to follow those plot lines now that I'm 27 though.

In the last two weeks I've watched about four episodes. It's kind of funny. If I've had a long stressful day, there's nothing like curling up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and a good episode of the X files. It just feels right. It feels like dad's right there whistling along and I'm a 9 year old without a care in the world! So thanks for watching TV with me dad. It was fun back then, and it means a lot now!

Cora Story

First off let me say, that I would love to post new pictures of the baby and everything that has happened this summer, but I cannot for the life of me get my pics to load to my computer! Something is wrong and I can't get it to work! When I figure it out there will be baby over load! Moving on...

It has been a while since I posted. There are plenty of reasons for this. Namely, I was pregnant and tired, then I had a baby and was tired, and then all of our family visited and we were busy. Now things are settling down and I am a teensy bit less tired. So here is what happened tonight:

I put Bryant and Cash to bed around 7:30. Bryant always has to go to bed early because he always wakes up with the sun no matter what. If he stays up late, he's in a bad mood all the next day so he goes to bed early. Period. Cora is a different story. She is a little night owl. She loves to sleep in, so a lot of times after Bryant goes to bed she'll just play in her room for a couple of hours and just entertain herself. She never really bothers me much, so I don't mind.

Tonight at around 8:30 after playing in her room for about an hour she sauntered down stairs and nonchalantly said that she would be painting a picture. Cora is a mess maker and a half, but for some reason she is the neatest little painter there is so I just let her do her thing. She got out the paint, paper, and cup of water all by herself and got to work while I was cleaning the rest of the kitchen. Something interesting: At around 7:00 at night Cora likes to "hum" when she's concentrating or falling asleep. It sounds like a distant lawn mower. It's kind of a sign that she's a little tired. So while she was painting she hummed and I cleaned. She then said "Mom, you'd better not touch this'd better not!"
"Okay Cora, I won't touch your picture."
"Oh Mom, I wish I had a dinosaur. I'd give it a pretty crown to wear. I want a dinosaur and a pink crown for my birthday"
"Okay Cora"
"Mom, what did I paint?"
"You tell me what you painted"
"I don't know, what did I paint?"
"It looks like a black bird flying through flowers"
"No, it's not that. It's a dinosaur."
"Oh, it's very pretty"
And then Cora being Cora of course asked for a cookie. Which I gave her.